I love creating pieces that have a personal touch. This maybe using a favourite book, music piece, a map with particular locations, materials which need a new life or a colour. I am open to working with frames of all shapes and sizes. Prices start around £200 and I'll be able to give a more accurate cost after discussing your wishes with no obligation. If you have a particular hanging location in mind or want to match the theme of a room, I am more than happy to have a chat. I'll be able to give you some idea of what's possible and then you're completely free to decide if it's something you would be interested in. For any further questions or to discuss a piece please contact me 

Below are some examples of previous commissions created using maps, books, magazines and colour themes.

IMG_6473 copy.jpg
IMG_6536 copy.jpg

13 Crystal Palace programmes. This piece was a gift from the client who commissioned me to the club manager Steve Parish. It is now currently on display in the CP grounds and was featured in the club programme. Piece size: 50cm x 70cm  


This piece was a 21st birthday gift. The piece contains Oxford maps and references to Oxford University, where the recipient studied. Piece size: 50cm x 50cm 


Supergirl music score by Ray Garvey. This piece was a birthday gift from the client to the writer of the song, Ray Garvey. A sneaky birthday age can also be found within the piece, adding a little personal touch. Piece size: 50cm x 50cm 

IMG_6881 copy.jpg
IMG_6793 copy.jpg

'Universal' inspired piece using spray paint. Piece size: 70cm x 70cm

IMG_6026 edit.jpg

'Welsh 3000' The black line marks a clients mapped out walk across 8 OS maps. Piece size: 100cm x 100cm

IMG_5194 copy.jpg
IMG_5164 copy.jpg

Clients Sudoko Book with painted sausage dog. Piece size: 50cm x 50cm

latriviatta brighter.jpg

Right piece was created using an 'Ariadne Auf Naxos' opera programme and the left piece comprises of 'La Traviata' opera sheet music. Both piece sizes: 25cm x 25cm

IMG_6741 copy.jpg
IMG_6722 copy.jpg

A pack of playing cards for a Bridge loving clients 90th birthday. Discrete little details in this piece relating to the recipient! Piece size: 25cm x 25cm


Using maps of where the clients holiday home is in Ayamonte, I combined this with the their colour choice of blue to represent the ocean. Piece size: 30cm x 30cm


Based on the clients wedding anniversary, this piece uses the music score from their first dance combined with the colours from the album artwork. Piece size: 45cm x 45cm


I was so happy to have been given the opportunity to create a piece this size. One of the largest yet, this is based on my 'Universal' series but at a giant scale containing 441 shapes with a neon gradient. I love the impact the piece has at this size. Piece size: 100cm x 100cm


Clients collection of beer labels. Piece size: 35cm x 35cm


This piece uses the maps of Birmingham, where the recipient studied, with lots of different names relating to their time there. I combined this with a gradient from the University of Birmingham logo. Piece size: 50cm x 50cm