Original Works 2018

Some of my first pieces. From starting with using recycled materials, from books, music score and maps and painting in sections of the shapes to represent the fortune teller game. I started to reach out of the game aspect experimenting with colour and paint. 

yo front onn.jpg

"No.3 Flare"

yp front on.jpg

"No.4 Flare"

bo corner3.jpg

"No.1 Flare"

Japaneese front on black.jpg

'Ori" created using repurposed Japanese book. 

bristol front on.jpg

"Bristol" created using repurposed Bristol maps. 

sunset front on.jpg



"Atlas" created using a repurposed Atlas.

blue front on.jpg

"Blue Gradient"

Music 4 front on.jpg

"No.4 Music" created using repurposed music sheet.