Works 2020

Some of my works from 2020. I found my style and have my shapes refined.



IMG_6181 copy.jpg
IMG_6172 copy.jpg

"Silver Astro"


"Small Silver Astro"

IMG_5508 copy.jpg

"Sky Light"

IMG_5383 copy.jpg


IMG_6124 copy.jpg


IMG_5263 copy.jpg

"Rainbow Light"

Sunset light.jpg

"Sunset Light"

Evening light front.jpg

"Evening Light"

IMG_5353 copy.jpg

"Sunset Light"

IMG_4756 copy.jpg

"Kaleidoscope" acrylic on origami.

IMG_4539 copy.jpg

"Scorpio II"

IMG_4560 copy.jpg


IMG_4648 copy.jpg

"Streams" acrylic on origami.

Fold Em'.jpg

"Universal III" spray paint on origami.


"Universal" spray paint on origami.

IMG_4604 copy.jpg

"Bristol OS Map" folded OS Maps.

IMG_4633 copy.jpg

"Bristol OS Map" folded OS Map.