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my first piece.jpg

My first book piece

My name is Emily, I’m am an artist creating 3D contemporary artworks from handmade folded forms. Each of my pieces are one-off. I love using a range of mediums to manipulate the way the shapes are interpreted; geometry and colour are a big focus of mine.  


For as long as I can remember I have always been creative, studying art and photography throughout my school years. I particularly remember my textile lessons where I would be folding paper or making 3D structures instead of making garments! 

I went on to complete my Foundation Course at Central Saint Martins then transferred to a Graphic Design degree course at the University of the West of England. After graduating, I decided I wanted go to back to being hands-on with art and began my journey to find a creative direction.

I visited a friend who had a piece of Francisca Prieto’s work. I thought it was incredibly inspiring and it convinced me to get back into paper folding. From then on, I experimented with different forms and found myself going back to the childhood memory of a fortune teller. I created my first piece from a repurposed book. After lots of positive feedback, I decided to make my "World Atlas" piece to give as a gift. This led to a further few commissions and ultimately my first collection.

first atlas piece.jpg

My first world atlas piece

During 2022 I had the exciting opportunity to join TAG Fine Arts, this was followed by an offer from The Art Agency. With 2 amazing galleries on board, I have now showcased at large events, with TAG providing my first sell-out show and now taking me overseas to New York. It has so far been an amazing 2023, I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.


If you would like to see my work at an upcoming event please see my events page

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, with TAG Fine Arts

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